The aim of company’s establishment is to create a single logistics center  in law Danube region, which will be able to fulfill full range of logistics and related services «turnkey». Our clients can deal exclusively their core activities, transferring their logistics functions to outsource our company.


 AVALON Shipping SRL with its management center in Reni port, has established 6 sole ownership branch offices at major Danube ports, such as :


Reni port / Ukraine, building 124, str. 28 of June, Reni, Ukraine, 68800

Kiliya port / Ukraine, in the service of Reni port office

Izmail port / Ukraine, in the service of Reni port office


Galati port / Romania, Romania, Romania,Galati, str. Alexandru Lapusneanu

                     nr.18,  Bl. C1, Scara 3, parter, ap. 44;

Sulina port / Romania, In the service of Galati port office

Braila port / Romania, In the service of Galati port office



Company specializes in providing services for the transportation of general, bulk, liquid and oversized cargo on the navigation part of Danube, Rhein, Main river by different types and sizes of self-propelled barges and river vessels to all ports of the Danube River.


Successful cooperation with the largest ship owners from Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovakia, Serbian, German, Holland, etc. allows us to offer our customers competitive rates of river freight on Danube River, the minimum transit time of river transportation, advantageous terms of freight payments.

We can always offer you advantageous transportation of your cargoes by vessel lots to the following Danube ports:

  • Galati                    Svistov              Vukovar
  • Reni                      Lom                   Osijek
  • Izmail                   Vidin                  Mohacs
  • Constanta             Smederevo         Budapest
  • Giurgiuleshti        Pancevo             Bratislava
  • Braila                    Novi Sad           Vienna
  • Russe                    Beograd             Krems
  • Linz                      Regensburg

Shipment to other ports is also available (please apply for opportunities / current rates).



One of the main activities of the company is to provide agency services to sea-going vessels passing with a draft up to 7.30 meters via Romanian channel “Sulina” and cheaper variant with draft up to 5.0 ms via Ukrainian channel «Bystroe» to the ports of Danube River, such as Reni, Izmail, Giurgiuleşti, Galati, Braila, Tulcea and also at 61 mile of Danube River, where vessels discharge fuel or take a bunker. The company provides agency services to vessels in the port of Galati, Braila, Reni, Izmail.


Feature of our company lies in the individual and personalized approach to each customer to provide quality service. Our specialists will be able to answer your questions, to provide the information about cargo position, to make necessary counting, to report individual characteristics of delivery and presentation of your product.

Responsible and highly qualified staff, a great experience, and a broad network of partners can provide a minimum service fees and ensure timely delivery.


Basic particular qualities of cooperation with our company:


— Staff said in English, Russian, Romanian and Turkish languages.

— European company.

— Located in the City on Danube.

— Work without intermediaries

— Work 24 hrs /7 Days

— Stable position of the company in the field of river carriages.

— experienced


Our aim is — winning a high reputation among our customers.


We hope for the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, it would be our great pleasure to provide services to your esteemed company at any time.